Vision of the Future

This sphere of the Internet often looks to the idealized past as a source of inspiration and an opportunity for nostalgia. However, any relevant political or cultural movement must present a vision forward in order to become widely embraced. That is why I am writing here today, to provide you with visions of our glorious future.

“Show me what a man dreams of, and I can perceive his entire ideology” — Caleb Q. Washington, Some Fruits of Autism

One thing all great civilizations need are great public works. That’s why I envision a great monorail network stretching across the suburbs, connecting our neighborhoods to local shopping hubs. Monorail has some great advantages. First, because it is high off the ground, it can follow existing routes without interfering with traffic and does not split neighborhoods in half as one can simply walk under monorail tracks. Secondly it is clean, quiet and can make use of green energy.


In order to get our beautiful suburban monorail system, we need to do a few things. One, is to reform existing zoning and planning laws so that tracks and stations can be built. Regulatory approvals need to be streamlined and made less arbitrary and subject to lobbying interests. Finally, policies need to be enacted which keep the monorail system clean and safe; I’ll let the reader figure out what that entails. As we can see, the dream of widespread monorail which is widely used by families and commuters translates into a set of specific positions that need to be achieved in order to make such an idea possible. What we see is that if we look at what it takes to achieve our dreams, we find substantial policies which a political movement can be built on top of.

The next thing which I foresee as a great boon to our nation is a plan I affectionately call “Dissolution of the Monasteries 2: Electric Boogaloo”. When Henry VIII was hard up for cash, he raised the funds by neutering a political enemy. For Americans, the university system has been a great destroyer of wealth; through the creation of absurd amounts of debt and the delay of productive work. The best way to rectify that is to confiscate endowments, take the proceeds of selling off campus buildings, and use it as restitution for the people universities have swindled. Even libertarians know that when someone has used deceitful marketing, fraudulent claims and coercion, it is the government’s job to bring down justice on the perpetrators.


The next great plan for the future which we need to realize are underwater habitats. The US Navy experimented with these during the “SeaLab” program. The United States needs to start leading innovative efforts to establish underwater colonies which will form autonomous city-states. America has always thrived on the new frontier; and, contrary to Elon Musk’s ideas, the future is under the sea. Achieving this will require not just pioneering spirit, engineering know-how and a flagrant disregard for international laws, but also a fundamental realignment of what America is and what it means to be an American.

Finally, my last vision of the future for today is probably the most outlandish; and that is to see the truth of American history taught in American schools. Imagine if our children spent as much time on the Revolutionary War as they currently do on the Civil Rights Movement? Imagine young Americans learning about their ancestors taming a wild continent and spreading civilization throughout the wilderness. I know that this is perhaps my most outlandish idea yet, but if we imagine the path it will take to get there; we have a political path forwards.

These are my visions of the future for today. Tune in next time for another set of grand ambitions.

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