Charlie Warzel is Trying to Steal My Brand

Charlie Warzel was, until recently, one of many co-bloggers at A.G. Sulzberger’s popular webzine, “The New York Times”. However, Chuck has decided to go independent and launched a “Substack”.

For those of you who don’t know, Substack is the latest iteration of Blogspot, WordPress, Medium, etc, which allows someone to put their thoughts out into the ether without having to learn how to host a website and get a domain name. Substack also takes care of handling the money side of things for a cut of the revenue.

Now Chaz has done a good job so far, sometimes accumulating several dozen comments on a post, and accumulating what Glenn Greenwald cited as “hundreds of subscribers” in a few weeks. Those are legitimately good numbers in today’s webzine/blogzine/newsletter world. However, I cannot stand idly by as he rips off my brand.

Charlie has gone and decided to call his new endeavor: “Galaxy Brain”, which feels like a cheap Chinese knock-off of this dear publication’s moniker. I don’t mind the competition. I also appreciate the flattery, and I presume he is simply a fan of my work. However, it seems that Warzel’s blog title is more aspirational than descriptive of his current effort.

So far, Chuck has failed to mention the following in any post:

  • The Seven Sages
  • Doggerland
  • The World Turtle
  • The Angevin Empire
  • Gregor MacGregor
  • “On Women’s Apparel” by Tertullian

I find this very disappointing because it shows that Charlie is just not up to date with either the underpinnings or the latest innovations in Galaxy Brainset research.

Instead, I sadly see the same epistemic hubris that also clouds the minds of his former co-bloggers. What I mean by this is there is a certain class of people, to whom Warzel belongs, who are very certain in their ability to discern the truth as a class, without seeming to question the process by which far-left consensus masquerading as truth is derived.

Digression: My peculiar use of “far-left” here is intentional. The so-called “far left” today basically just wants to do drugs and engage in a variety of fetishes and sexual perversions.They do kooky things like try to live outside of society in the woods for a few months self-governing themselves. In these ways, they’re basically libertarians.

However, the so-called “center left”, supports the abolition of traditional societies and values, global revolution, and rule by bureaucrats and managers. They’re obsessed with planned efficiency and public-private partnerships, and they’re happy to have elections which only exist to confer legitimacy on the whole thing, while not changing the “way things are done”. I ask you, dear reader, which one represents the heirs of Robespierre and Lenin?

Unfortunately, despite going independent, Charlie still belongs to the class of people who were hoarding masks in February and March 2020 while writing articles that masks aren’t useful for the untrained and that non-surgical masks didn’t do anything useful. Charlie is the type of guy who talks a big game about “truth” (whatever that is when divorced from the divine), but would never dare to speak up against the ethno-narcissistic delusions from members of his own profession.

It seems like a common theme on this so-called “Galaxy Brain” e-newsletter is whether giant corporations are doing a sufficiently effective job of giving their consumers an illusion of choice while steering them towards approved sources of information. This strikes me as particularly loathsome, and an obvious example of the epistemic hubris I mentioned earlier. I suppose it shouldn’t shock me that a clique of bloggers uses their influence to try and make sure people only read bloggers approved by the clique. These types of posts are probably what we should expect from someone who as a technology reporter caused the typical STEM graduate to develop a healthy case of Gell-Mann Amnesia.

As I see it, there are only two acceptable options for Charlie to save face:

  1. Discontinue the use of the “Galaxy Brain” meme and any associated graphics or derived phrases.

  2. Start being based and stop being a bootlicker for the interests of global capital, especially the global homogeneity (globohomo) trend.

Otherwise, this new effort is destined to remain cringe and bring humiliation and dishonor to both Warzel’s ancestors and his descendants. Sad!

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