A Re-Introduction

Hello friends and fun-seekers, this is Caleb, and I’m relaunching my blog. Nostalgia runs in 15-year cycles, which means that blogs are cool again. I figure instead of wasting so much time on social media, I will waste time writing long rambling posts on here instead and then post them to social media.

So where does the name come from? Well, I released a book about 16 months ago called Galaxy Brainset: How to Be Like Me, An Intellectual, and I happened to have the domain name handy, so I figured if I was re-launching a blog, I might as well make use of a spare domain name.

But why “Blogzine”, you ask. For one, it sets an appropriate tone for my refined intellect but relaxed writing style. The real answer is that it reminds me of an old meme about former Atlantic writer Kevin Williamson.

As to the simplicity of the site, that is a testament to my own technical experimentation. Rather than use Wordpress or some other CMS, I am using a static site generator called Hugo to build the website. Over time, I plan to build more complexity into the website as I learn more about my setup. The upside of this way of building a blogzine is it makes the website faster and more secure.

I hope to cover the same topics I always have: contemporary politics, political theory, book reviews, and the occasional bit of data-driven discussion. And I especially hope to provide something interesting to my readers.

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