Written at the behest of various internet scholars, business magnates, rabble rousers and interstellar buckaroos, Caleb Q. Washington has distilled the wisdom of a lifetime spent online and studying Western thought into a singular work. Galaxy Brainset teaches the reader to ascend to new planes of understanding and enlightenment, discarding the chains by which others seek to keep him rooted to the Earth. Seek within to learn the secrets of lost civilizations, college level statistics, and the fairer sex, to name just a few. Unlock the hidden corners of your mind and open them up to the vast array of new knowledge, as well as practical applications for their use in your own life. Forget every mindset, thought-pattern, and thinking system you have heard about in the past. Ascend beyond them all by embracing the Galaxy Brainset.

Galaxy Brainset: How To Be Like Me, An Intellectual is available on Amazon Galaxy Brainset Cover

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