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Guidance on College Admissions

Ninety percent of Americans have reason to dislike the current college admissions system. If you’re black or Hispanic, you’ve got the usual litany of issues with structural inequities, institutionalized bias, etc. If you’re white, you’re faced with a system which requires affirmative action for any ethnicity which underperforms against whites, but aspires to meritocracy for any ethnicity which outperforms whites. Even amongst those ethnicities which are over-represented in elite colleges, competition for spaces privileges the wealthy, well-connected strivers who know how to work the system. Americans of all ethnicities are forced to compete against the children of foreign elites who pay in full.

Vision of the Future

This sphere of the Internet often looks to the idealized past as a source of inspiration and an opportunity for nostalgia. However, any relevant political or cultural movement must present a vision forward in order to become widely embraced. That is why I am writing here today, to provide you with visions of our glorious future.

Epistemology and Its Consequences

If you are a consumer of media and don’t think about epistemology, you might as well not be thinking at all. Epistemology is the philosophy of how we determine what is true and what isn’t. Or perhaps it is about how we can gain sufficient confidence to believe that something is true. The study of knowledge is, after all, a complicated subject.